Empowering frontline employees to communicate effortlessly.
Anytime, Anywhere

Talker transforms your employees smartphones into powerful walkie-talkies, enabling instant and reliable communication at the touch of a button. 

Powerful, because it comes with all the advanced features like recorded conversations , text messages, attachments, attendance etc. 

Talker Walkie Talkie Android App          Talker Walkie Talkie iOS App

Talker Walkie Talkie Android App          Talker Walkie Talkie iOS App

struggles your staff encounter currently

Phone / Intercom

  • Requires the other side to be available at the exact time
  • Phone + voicemails painful experience, not seamless
  • Can not keep a call on throughout the day
  • Unable to talk over multiple channels at the same time

Video Call Apps

  • Need to schedule in advance
  • Mostly audio+video all time turned on is painful
  • Works only over desktop machines always connected
  • Can not do conversations over multiple channels at once

Hardware Radios

  • Requires everyone to buy and maintain hardware
  • Limited channels
  • Bad audio quality
  • Range issues
  • Expensive

Other walkie talkie apps

  • Clunky experience
  • Multiple features force-fitted in one app
  • Hard to talk and see conversations
  • Battery hogging
  • Complicated pricing

Talker is the fastest way to get your message across

Forget about typing out messages, with push-to-talk feature that allows teams to communicate in real-time, reducing response times and improving overall efficiency, you can have conversations instantly and be sure that everyone is on the same page. Download Talker Walkie Talkie App and witness the transformative impact it can have on your team's productivity and collaboration.

Talker Walkie Talkie Android App         Talker Walkie Talkie iOS App

Walkie Talkie Push to talk attachments and messaging

Battery-efficient push-to-talk, with the power of text, voice history, location and attachments

Say hello to instant and efficient communication with our push-to-talk (PTT) feature. With a simple press of a button, you can send live audio messages to your team members, eliminating the need for lengthy phone calls or text exchanges. Need to share important information or documents? Our chat messaging and attachment sharing features make it effortless to keep everyone on the same page.

Have attendance module not working with Push-To-Talk together? Get out of the pain!

Smart Clock-In and Clock-Outs

Availability Controlled by Attendance

Your staff will be online as soon as they clock in and can go off PTT mode when they clock out with just one click. Remember, Talker provides advanced PTT functionalities with option to stay online in multiple channels at once.

Attendance Insights

Get attendance details, along with location details of your staff right from Talker Admin Dashboard available to Workspace Users.

Stay in the loop and gain valuable insights to enhance team collaboration, identify bottlenecks, and drive productivity.

Effortlessly Track and Monitor Team Communication

User and Channel Management

Easily add or remove team members, create and organize channels based on projects or departments, and maintain control over your team's communication structure.

Analytics and Insights

Gain valuable insights into your team's communication patterns and performance with the Talker admin dashboard's analytics features. Track usage metrics, analyze message trends, and identify areas for improvement to enhance collaboration and optimize workflows.

your voice of efficiency

Talker apps sets a new standard for team communication in the industry, ensuring seamless and efficient collaboration like never before


Talk realtime over multiple channels

Smart Queuing

New message is queued if you already listening to another message


Listening experience that is continuous. An experience thought grounds up from first design principles of interaction with audio.

Location Tracking

Optional features to track realtime locations for compliance and safety


Record, playback and archive conversations

Audio Quality

Highest grade HLS-AAC streaming, originally created by Apple


Analytics that provide actionable insights to boost results via productivity


Manage organisation workplace from a dedicated admin dashboard

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