About Us

We’re bespoke App developers. Customizing everyday solutions.

Connecting Teams, Revolutionizing Communication

Welcome to Talker.Network - your ultimate solution for seamless collaboration and efficient communication. We believe in transforming the way teams interact, ensuring every conversation counts.

With over a decade of expertise in messaging technology, we're committed to simplifying your communication experience.

Our Mission

At Talker.Network, we're on a mission to empower deskless workspaces by eliminating communication barriers. Our cutting-edge platform replaces traditional walkie-talkies with advanced cloud-based technology, leveraging the power of smartphones to create a connected ecosystem.

We understand that efficient communication is the backbone of any organization, and we're dedicated to enhancing collaboration, productivity, and engagement.

Why Choose Talker.Network?

We’re bespoke App developers. Customizing everyday business solutions. New App design is our forte.

Ease of Use:
Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless onboarding experience. Register, create workspaces, and start communicating in minutes.

Advanced Capabilities:
Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional walkie-talkies. Enjoy features like location tracking, text messaging, voice history, and secure admin control.

Real-time Insights:
Our admin dashboard provides valuable insights into communication patterns, helping you optimize workflows and enhance team performance.

We're continuously innovating to provide you with AI-driven capabilities that redefine efficiency and productivity.

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Our Journey

Founded by Parag Arora and Sanil Jain, industry veterans with 14 years of tech entrepreneurship, Talker.Network emerged from a passion to address the challenges faced by frontline workforce organizations.

Our journey began with the realization that effective communication is the cornerstone of success, especially for teams on the move.

Commonly Asked Questions

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  • What is Talker.Network?
  • Talker.Network is a revolutionary communication platform designed to enhance collaboration and productivity for deskless workspaces. It replaces traditional walkie-talkies with advanced cloud-based technology, enabling seamless communication through smartphones.

  • How is Talker.Network different from other messaging apps?
  • Unlike generic messaging apps, Talker.Network is tailored for organizations with mobile teams. It offers features like push-to-talk, location tracking, voice history, and more, making it the perfect solution for industries where real-time communication is crucial.

  • Can I use Talker.Network for personal communication?
  • Yes, Talker.Network offers both organizational and personal usage options. You can create workspaces for your team’s professional needs, as well as use it for personal communication with friends and family.

  • Is my data safe on Talker.Network?
  • Absolutely. We take data security seriously. Talker.Network employs advanced encryption protocols to ensure your messages, voice recordings, and personal information are secure.

  • How do I get started with Talker.Network?
  • Getting started is simple! Register using your mobile number, authenticate via SMS, and create a profile. Choose between personal or organizational usage, set up your workspace, and you’re ready to connect and collaborate.

  • Can I manage user access and communication?
  • Yes, Talker.Network provides an admin dashboard that allows you to manage user access, create and delete channels, view activity history, and even track team member locations in real-time.

  • Can I use Talker.Network on multiple devices?
  • Absolutely! You can access Talker.Network on smartphones, tablets, and even through web browsers on different devices.

  • Can I customize channels for specific teams or projects?
  • Yes, you can create custom channels for different teams, projects, or departments within your organization. This ensures targeted communication and efficient collaboration.

  • Does Talker.Network offer integration options?
  • Currently, Talker.Network focuses on providing an exceptional communication experience. However, we’re continuously exploring opportunities for integration with other tools to enhance your workflow.

  • What's next for Talker.Network?
  • We’re committed to innovation. Expect exciting updates, AI-driven features, and continuous enhancements to keep Talker.Network at the forefront of efficient communication and collaboration.