Talker is your walkie-talkie app alternate. If you are looking for an easy solution for communicating with your team, then Talker is the perfect solution for you. It offers private channels, group chat, and push-to-talk functionality.

Talker is a voice-based push-to-talk communication app that is useful for frontline teams in industries like retail, healthcare, etc. The app offers unlimited private channels, instant voice communication with one or many, message replay, emergency alerts, location tracking and dispatch capabilities. It can be used as a replacement for walkie-talkie. The app also offers useful features like queuing voice messages if the user is busy, text messaging, message alerts, image sending, and location tracking.

Benefits of Using Talker

Digital walkie-talkies provide ample benefits that make them more desirable than their traditional counterparts. Some of the benefits include: Talker is a real-time communication tool that provides an experience that is more like talking over the phone than traditional two-way radios. Talker offers completely private channels and group chat. In addition to the push-to-talk system, it offers useful features for deskless workers like queuing voice messages if the user is busy, image sending, message alerts, and location tracking. These features make Talker a highly efficient communication tool for business professionals.

Features of Talker

Talker provides a wide range of features. Some of them are:

  • Unlimited push-to-talk channels and group chats – Create a group channel and invite your team members. Get people on the same page instantly, and collaborate with ease.
  • Location tracking – Send your location to another user and view other users’ locations. This feature is helpful during emergencies.
  • Message replay – Message replay allows users to replay messages from the past. This is especially helpful for training, coaching, and more.
  • Bluetooth device support – Use the two-way device in your hand to communicate with other devices. This feature is helpful in industries where workers need hands-free communication.
  • Create and customize – Create a unique identity for your Talker app with emojis, images, and more.
  • Ad-free – Enjoy ad-free communication. Talker is a pay-as-you-go service, not a subscription.

Advantages of Talker Over Traditional Walkie Talkie

Traditional two-way radios lose connectivity when there are network issues, and they don’t allow for group communication. In addition to those limitations, radios are expensive, require users to have the training, and have limited communication features. In contrast, digital walkie-talkies do not have any of these limitations. They never lose connectivity because they are on the cloud and are available on any device with an internet connection. When it comes to group communication, digital walkie-talkies allow users to create multiple channels and invite different members to each one. This feature makes it better than traditional walkie-talkies in many ways.

  • Anyone can join – Digital walkie-talkies are open to anyone with the app, while traditional walkie-talkies require training. Anyone can download the app and join the communication.
  • More features – Digital walkie-talkies have far more features than traditional walkie-talkies, including location tracking and image sharing.
  • Saves time – Digital walkie-talkies save time because you don’t have to go through the process of finding a channel and putting your message out there.
  • No need for manual switching – Traditional walkie-talkies require manual switching between channels, but digital walkie-talkies have an auto-switching feature that makes it easy to communicate with multiple channels.

How Talker Can Help Deskless Workers

Talker is a helpful tool for deskless workers because it allows them to communicate without having to be in the same place at the same time. A computer in a deskless worker’s office can connect with other computers to send and receive messages. If someone needs to communicate something to someone in another department, they can send the message over the computer and the other person will receive it on their computer. This is helpful because if someone wants to communicate with someone who is not in their office, they can use their computer to send a message to that person’s computer.

How Talker Enhances Communication and Collaboration

Talker brings a level of accessibility and immediacy to communication that is just not possible with standard communication methods like email, phone calls, and text messaging. The app facilitates real-time communication between teams and across organizations, simplifying and streamlining collaboration so employees can focus on what matters most – achieving results.

How Talker Helps Improve Productivity

Talker improves productivity by making communication faster and more effective. When communication is clear and fast, it is also easier for teams to collaborate and get things done. The app can be used to send general announcements, send messages to colleagues in different departments, and send messages to one person.

How Talker Helps Manage Emergency Situations

Talker is a helpful tool to manage emergency situations because it allows users to send and receive two-way messages without having to use a phone, which may not be available in an emergency situation because of power outages or bad weather conditions.


Talker is your walkie-talkie app alternate. If you are looking for an easy solution for communicating with your team, then Talker is the perfect solution for you. It offers private channels, group chat, and push-to-talk functionality.

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