Are you tired of the hassle of using walkie talkie hardware for communication in your organization? Look no further! Talker.Network’s Check In and Check Out feature is here to revolutionize your workplace communication. This push-to-talk mobile application replaces traditional walkie talkies with cloud-based technology and a range of advanced features. With the Check In button, your staff can effortlessly turn on PTT (Push-to-Talk) mode for all subscribed channels, allowing instant connectivity with colleagues. And when it’s time to take a break, simply click the Check Out button to go offline. But that’s not all – Talker.Network’s Attendance module also offers a comprehensive overview of your staff’s attendance records, complete with location details. Say goodbye to antiquated communication methods, and say hello to efficiency and convenience with Talker.Network’s Check In and Check Out feature.


Talker.Network is a highly sophisticated push-to-talk (PTT) mobile application that innovatively uses cloud technology to replace conventional walkie talkie hardware. This modern solution boasts a plethora of features that seamlessly integrate communication, real-time location tracking, and efficient team management into one practical platform. This article will delve into the central component of this application: the Check In and Check Out feature. This unique feature promotes efficient communication and real-time attendance tracking, making it an indispensable tool for any organization.

Attendance Module: A Comprehensive Overview of Staff Attendance

At the heart of the Talker.Network application lies the Attendance Module, an innovative feature that transforms the way organizations monitor and record staff attendance. Once a workspace is established, staff members can easily find the check-in button at the top of their screen. By clicking on this button, they are prompted with a question: “Do you want to turn on PTT mode for all the channels?” If they respond with a ‘Yes’, they are live and accessible on all subscribed channels, and their action is simultaneously logged into the Attendance Module. A ‘No’ response merely checks them in without activating the PTT mode. This feature provides a comprehensive insight into each staff member’s attendance record, including their check-in location, thereby promoting transparency and accountability.

The Check In Button: Enabling Instant Connectivity in PTT Mode

A defining characteristic of Talker.Network’s application is its Check In button, designed to empower staff with instant connectivity. This button activates PTT mode across all subscribed channels, enabling seamless communication among team members. It is as simple as pressing a mic to talk; everyone else in the channel gets connected, fostering a collaborative environment. The ability to be ‘live on the go’ revolutionizes communication in the workforce, breaking barriers, and enabling real-time collaboration.

The Check Out Button: Going Offline with Ease

Just as the Check In button enables connectivity, the Check Out button provides the ease of going offline from all channels. A simple click prompts the user with the question: “Do you want to turn off PTT mode for all the channels?” By choosing ‘Yes’, they are rendered offline in all channels. A ‘No’ response records them as checked out but keeps them live in all subscribed channels. This feature ensures flexibility and control over one’s accessibility, further enhancing the user experience.

Location Tracking: Enhancing Attendance Records with Real-time Information

Talker.Network goes beyond merely logging attendance; it enhances this feature by integrating real-time location tracking. Each check-in and check-out is logged with a location tag, providing a comprehensive picture of each employee’s mobility. This feature is particularly useful for organizations with a remote or on-the-go workforce as it promotes accountability and efficient resource management.

Managing Staff Information: Admin Options for Desktop Users

Talker.Network ensures that its interface is user-friendly across devices. The application’s desktop version maintains the same convenience as its mobile counterpart. Admin options are easily accessible on the left of the screen, allowing for efficient management of staff information. The attendance records, check-in/check-out logs, and real-time location tracking are all available at the click of a button, ensuring that team management is always at your fingertips.

Embracing Efficiency and Convenience with Talker.Network’s Check In and Check Out Feature

The Check In and Check Out feature of Talker.Network’s application is a game-changer for businesses. It seamlessly integrates connectivity, attendance, and location tracking, empowering organizations with the information they need for efficient team management. This feature, coupled with the application’s user-friendly interface, ensures a smooth experience for both staff and administrators.

Say Goodbye to Walkie Talkie Hardware: The Advantages of Talker.Network

Talker.Network is not merely a replacement for the traditional walkie talkie hardware; it is a significant upgrade. It goes beyond simple PTT communication to provide a comprehensive solution for modern businesses. With instant connectivity, real-time location tracking, intuitive team management, and efficient attendance recording, Talker.Network’s application is the definitive tool for any organization committed to embracing the future of workplace communication.