We are on a mission to give your remote or on-the-go teams advantages similar to being in the same room by making it easier for you to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere.

To begin with, Texting, and communication platform apps have created a powerful new thing. It’s now possible to send short in-the-moment messages rather than spending a lot of time drafting written communication, and Slack has created a messaging etiquette for businesses that mimics the power of apps like WhatsApp, where you can now send casual small text messages as well. Certainly, this has been a huge change. Undoubtedly, the people of the 2000s would not have believed that professionals would be sending casual small text messages in a corporate professional setting. On the other hand, companies are encouraging their employees to send more of these messages since communicating has demonstrably benefitted the organization. It is simple and easy to use, and replacing a variety of long and time-consuming methods like emails, letters, and memos has saved a lot of time and money.

Similarly, we are currently living in a time when people must either set up a phone call, coordinate with others, or call someone directly to voice communicate with people inside organizations. Talker.Network enables people to say no to scheduling delays, limited numbers of participants, unpicked calls, and remote location challenges. Talker is creating the foundations for a new age of real-time voice communication that functions the same way text messaging has replaced cumbersome previous-generation methods.