Without a doubt, having solid and reliable communication tools at your disposal is crucial to allow your team to run like a well-oiled machine. True, it can be challenging to find the right method as there are plenty of technologies out there. It can leave you with a headache thinking about what is the best method for communication.

We’ve narrowed down our favourite communication tools. That way, you can do less time making a decision. And more time implementing these technologies within your business. Whether you are looking for an internal, business or customer communication platform – we’ve got you covered.

Best Communication Tools for Internal Communication


If your large team depends on an easy-to-use internal dialogue tool then Talker is best for reliable communication. Phone calls and text messages aren’t enough to align your team or run your business smoothly. As opposed to many team communication tools, Talker is an audio messaging app. That’s right! You heard us, correctly. As opposed to relaying information via text, simply, push-to-talk. Your team members will get the memo instantaneously. With the added benefits of text, video, and gifs right at your fingertips.

If you are apprehensive about giving an audio messaging app a try, it’s simple to put in place and your team will see benefits immediately. Information can oftentimes get jumbled or misunderstood when sent as a text or email. By sending an audio message via Talker, your team will get the memo loud and clear. Best of all, your team will be accountable with read receipts.

The talker is compatible with your smart device (great for on-demand teams) or on your desktop. Messages are sent over any 3G, 4G, or WiFi networks across the world. It is compatible with headsets, so you’ll be able to listen to messages worry-free. Rest assured, you won’t disturb your neighbourhood or have your message overheard. Equip your team with the best communication tool to leverage your team’s potential.

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Canned Replies

When working with customers you might feel as though you send out similar emails a day in and out. If your business relies on Gmail for your B2B or B2C needs then you are in luck. Canned Replies for Gmail is your answer to avoid typing repetitive messages.

Create pre-formulated emails right in your inbox. It will prove to be a timesaver as you will save precious minutes that you don’t have to waste on redundant emails.


The landscape in which we communicate internally and with our customers is changing. Zoom is great for video or phone conference calls. Why is it great for team communication? Here’s why:

Remote Teams – your virtual meetinghouse to connect with your scattered team. Great for conference calls when you aren’t at your laptop and need to dial in. Also, great for your daily standup so you can associate a face with a team member.

Sales – emails can be impersonal when trying to pitch a new product. Let your customers see your product in action – with screen share or video conferencing.

Bonus: use when on a business trip, 30,000 feet in the sky. We tested Zoom while in flight and can attest, you won’t miss your meeting while en route.

For Team Management Communication


How does your team keep track of their projects and progress throughout the process? Many times, we leave that awesome meeting and can’t get wait to tackle that new project. But where to begin? With Asana, your team’s Project Manager can assign everyone their tasks.

Assign due dates “Follow” projects so you are updated when tasks are completed Project templates. Drag and drop method for efficient task organization Integration with over 100 other apps

Best for Customer Support Zendesk If your business is looking for a comprehensive all-in-one support platform – then Zendesk is the solution. Seamlessly connect with customers on multiple channels, and your team will excel at communication with this platform in place.

Key features include:

Knowledge Base: Easily create and categorize support articles to reduce support tickets. Email: Respond quickly with pre-created templates and increase productivity. Live Chat: Engage customers proactively, manage multiple chats, and track issues effectively.


If you’ve been considering adding live chat support to your business, Olark is the gateway app for live support. It’s cost-effective compared to other options and perfect for small teams.

Key features of Olark include:

  1. Pre-forms: Gather customer information before initiating chats.
  2. Transcript: Save and store chat history for reference.
  3. Offline Messaging: Set up automated messages for when you’re unavailable.
  4. Customizable branding options to maintain a consistent customer experience.

Ready to Improve Your Communication?

We understand the importance of effective communication within your team and with your customers. That’s why we’ve handpicked the best communication tools to streamline your processes and enhance collaboration. With these tools at your disposal, you can boost productivity, reduce miscommunication, and provide exceptional customer support. Give them a try and experience the difference they can make in your business.

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